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The social economy by embracing
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Shaping, making and promoting places with community, business and the public sector engaged, inspired, empowered and connected.

Centres for Pride of Place Centres for Pride of Place
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For social impact

Community Passport®

With community. Within community. For community.

Community Passport is an all-inclusive digital space with access to the largest mix of tools for building community partnerships

Community Passport
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Community Passport is widely used within the social economy, creating long lasting productive partnerships

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For social impact
For social impact
For shared culture
For growing digital skills
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Social economy disruptors in action

For Pride of Place

Values Shared, in partnership with Your Place Your Space, is set to pioneer a new Association of Pride of Place with West Midlands first Centre of Pride of Place.

Pride of Place
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With citizen generated content with massive reach

Over 2 million views on interactive map confirms Birmingham as the capital of citizen generated content. Now for the region!

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Bringing inspiration through creativity

The Commonwealth Games was a time of celebration bringing together inspired creatives of all forms. The legacy of that creativity is the inspiration passed on to others.

With shared values

Social value and social responsibility can drive longer lasting social economy collaborations with a focus on shared values.


Your Place Your Space

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Explore the world with us!

YourPlaceYourSpace is a provider of branded digital spaces for people with a shared passion for their place.

This place can be a city, a town, a neighbourhood or a building, park or any other shared passion.

YourPlaceYourSpace gives people access to all the engagement tools they need to work collaboratively and make a positive difference in their community, both socially and economically.

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Birmingham We Are
Its Your Wales

Partners and Sponsors

The large scale engagement of community to promote and showcase Birmingham and its neighbourhoods is only possible with financial help.

With donations and support from YourPlaceYourSpace, the platform is up and running, contributors engaged and we are showcasing a number of trails across Birmingham.

Over 20 Passions in a searchable platform

We now need your help!

We are calling out to Birmingham based companies to support this venture and align their business and brand with something that benefits the city and its community in so many ways, socially and economically.

A range of partnership, sponsorship and advertising opportunities exist so we can help businesses deliver their social value and CSR commitments. Connect with us HERE


Jonathan Bostock
0121 4105520


The Birmingham Trails venture is all about engaging local people in the future of their place, whether they consider that to be their city or their neighbourhood.

We ensure local people have a major involvement and influence over the future of Birmingham and we ensure the city’s diverse community is well represented and actively engaged and involved in the promotion and success of Birmingham.

Over 20 Passions in a searchable platform

Birmingham Trails will grow to be a massive showcase, not just of Birmingham but of the people of Birmingham. More and more young people and their families will be engaged in promoting their communities and their neighbourhoods through features, activity trails, galleries and events, all showcased at Birmingham Trails.

Get behind your city and your community and connect with us HERE

Or contact:

Debra Power
0121 4105520

Birmingham Trails – A YourPlaceYourSpace platform

Birmingham Trails is brought to you by YourPlaceYourSpace which has a large and growing online following across many social media channels.

Here are links to some of our Birmingham social media accounts.

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YourPlaceYourSpace is a dedicated social media platform that recognises and rewards people and communities who are out to create an impact and make a difference.

Every on-line space exists to grow social value through community-led collaborations, programmes and initiatives.

Its free to followers of passion like you!

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