Values Shared - With community. Within community. For community.

Values Shared is a disruptor on a mission to grow the social economy by providing the digital support needed to make connections and promote the benefits and rewards of shared values

Values Shared is all about making connections between community and business that can help drive the growth of the social economy.

It is all about shaping and making places together for shared prosperity and greater "Pride of Place" and supporting a social economy so it can continue to flourish.



Community Passport

To achieve their goals, Values Shared has been given free access to use a new digital space called Community Passport.

Community Passport is an all-inclusive digital space with access to the largest mix of tools for building community partnerships. 



Community Workspace

Community Workspace, accessed via Community Passport, is the engine room for driving social impact by creating long lasting productive relationships between community, social enterprise, charities, the voluntary sector, the public sector and business.  Only by working together can the true value and potential of the social economy be realised.

Values Shared takes an approach that you can only grow the social economy by working together and promoting shared values.



A suite of digital tools available to Values Shared and their partners

Values Shared brings with it a mix of digital tools which it will share through partnerships and collaborations.

It will roll out these tools and train and involve community and business in using digital to grow the social economy.



Initiatives such as Centres for Pride of Place will be used to foster a greater sense of belonging by helping people connect with their place though the mapping of local assets.




Contact for more information:


07432 637322

Project dates

30 Aug 2021 - On-going


People & community


Your Place Your Space

Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520