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Inspired We Are is all about inspiring creativity across community by showcasing what is being achieved by peers within those communities, whether neighbourhood, town/city or region.

"The greatest legacy of creativity is inspiration"

Inspired We Are

The platform at is powered by content gathered and shared using CommunityPassport.


Our first "Inspired We Are" showcase using Community Passport

In 2022, the Commonwealth Games was held in Birmingham.

It was a time of celebration and it brought together inspired creatives of all forms.

The legacy of that creativity would be the inspiration passed on to others.  So we set out to collect it, save it and make it available so that others could be inspired by it after the Games had finished.

With the help of a community who shared our passion for ensuring a legacy for that creativity, thatis exactly what we did using Community Passport. 

Inspired We Are campaign 

The campaign was inspired by the city’s and the region’s amazing community and has helped connect people in a shared passion for the creativity they deliver and the places they live in.


The campaign included a host of inspirational conversations

The conversations provide valuable insight for place-makers and the connections open up many great opportunities for people to pursue their passion for creativity.

Art, music and creativity

Be inspired by Colin

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Sculpting and creativity

Be inspired by Jacob

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Creativity, culture and design

Be inspired by Dawinder

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Micro-sculpting and creativity

Be inspired by Willard

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The campaign has opened up and continues to open up opportunities for people with creativity

As well as giving people a greater say over creativity in their place, as a matchmaking product, using Community Passport, we were able to introduce people with creative talent to people and organisations that can offer creative space, collaboration opportunities, work experience and even financial support.

Be inspired and be creative

in Brindleyplace


Be inspired and be creative

with Birmingham Royal Ballet


Be inspired and be creative

with Creative Alliance


Be inspired and be creative

at The Velvet



Maps, trails and a full suite of digital tools now help people on their exploration of their own creativity

These have all been made possible with the help of community connected via Community Passport.


For more information

To find out more about this application of Community Passport and how we can help you with your community and their creativity contact: 

Project dates

25 Jul 2023 - On-going


Art; Culture & creativity


Your Place Your Space

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